Who are we? 

Vaidas Bernotas

Experience: 4 year created vertical axis wind turbines and permanent magnet alternators. Together with few partners were made 6 different type vertical axis wind turbines and many different size alternators. Later experimentation with electric trickles and electric scooter. Business owner from 2005. Business own: Technical translation agency TRANSER, Mini golf production, Paintball field, Soft games sewing company, Tree house building team.

Bernardas Aleksandravicius

Experiments with human powered vehicles since around 1988. Made around 14 various models human powered vehicles.

As team we work since 2014 year. Since then we made recumbent trike for kids, prototype 4 wheel recumbent velomobile.


Where can VeloOne be used?

VeloOne can be used as daily commuter, post services mobile, small business mobile in cities, long time trip velomobile and many other purposes in the cities and country sites.


Why 4 wheels?

– 4 wheels gives higest stability, gives confort ride, fast cornering and huge space for goods to carry.