Custom made seat cushions

Custom made seat cushions for velomobiles and recumbent bikes and similar projects. 

Our seat cushions are made according client drawings and needs. Seat cushion can be different size and thikness. We use special foam for outdoor, which lets water run out easy, and dries fast, and allows air flow inside the cushion. As well we use nest fabric, so the water and air can easy go inside and outside.

According client needs, we can use different materials for specific projects as well.


For example the showed seat cushion set costs 70 eur. Seat cushion sets consists from main part + head rest part + two arm rest parts. Main part and arm rest parts are 4 cm thick, head rest is 8 cm thick. The chushions fixes to the seat by using velco tapes.

Please contact Vaidas Bernotas: or by phone +370 677 46227.