VeloOne Prototype no 1

4-wheel human-electric hybrid velomobile for daily city commuting.

VeloOne Prototype No. 1 on sea beach.

Full loaded VeloOne on bike route.

VeloOne Prototype No. 1 rides with kids in the city.

Technical specifications:

– Total length – 210 cm

– Total height (from ground to top of the seat) – 65-70 cm

– Total width – 73 cm

– Wheel base – 110 cm

– Front and rear track width – 65 cm

– Seat height from ground – 30 cm

– Weight – approx. 40 kg

– Battery LiFePO4 – 10 ah, 36 V

– Rear wheel pedal and electric drive

Velomobile with full loaded cargo box
Velomobile with full loaded cargo box
Velomoible with cargo box
Velomoible with cargo box


Velomobile Veloone prototype with cargo box side view.
Velomobile Veloone prototype with cargo box side view.



– 4-wheel suspension, very comfortable and smooth ride and drive

– Front drum brakes (Sturmey-Archer)

– 2 front speeds + 6 rear speeds

– Back trunk for load up to 45 kg

– 4 wheels with 20 inch double frame rims for stability

– Electric motor separate from the main power line, so it is easy to pedal without electric assistance

– 5 cm special foam seat for comfortable ride

– Connection for custom-made trailer

– Stainless steel frame

– Ergonomic seat and hand positions for long distance ride without any fatigue

– Steering stabilizer for easy straight tracking and stable steering



– Trunk and velomobile can be loaded up to 150 kg

– Velomobile can reach up to 40 km/h speed with pedaling and electric power assistance

– 2 kids can ride on the seat mounted at back of the velomobile

– Big box for goods, post items could be mounted at back

– Tool box or shopping basket could be mounted at back

– Extra custom-made trailer could be attached

– Fast cornering available thanks to full suspension

– Can drive in narrow spaces because of narrow wheel track

– VeloOne allowed to drive on bike roads



– Seat for kids (a seat for 2 or 4 kids could be mounted)

– Box for postal service, small business or for other purpose

– Special model with possibility of heavy (up to 350 kg) and big loads (depend on needs). The velomobile could be equipped with 4 or 6 wheels for special loads.

– Custom-made model for the purpose of sports – ultralight, without electric motor and with low rider position. Velomobile could be used in pedal car races or in solar races.

– It could be an everyday commuter in the city or countryside. Roof and side fairings available as an option.

– Special model for off-road ride with high suspension, special tires and custom-made frame design.

– Clear polycarbonate shell as fairing for weather protection and better aerodynamic.

– Front-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive (front-wheel pedal drive and rear-wheel electric drive).

– Tandem 4-wheeler or tandem using extra trailer with pedal drive (6 wheels unit with extra cargo space on 4-wheeler). Tandem trailer could be adjusted for adults and kids.

– VeloOne can comply with European standard EN 15194 (EPAC – Electrically Power Assisted Cycles) for pedelec. Can drive on regular bike routes, no driving license needed.

– VeloOne can be made as L1e-A or L1e-B type of vehicle (L1e-A “powered cycles” – power up to 1000 watts and power cut out at 25 kmh. L1e-B “mopeds” – power up to 4000 watts and speed up to 45 kmh).

VeloOne for special purposes according to client requests (any ideas are welcome).