VeloOne Cargo prototype

VeloOne Cargo velomobile prototype


Our team has constructed the VELOONE CARGO PROTOTYPE during the year 2019-2020. The PROTOTYPE is made of aluminium tubes’ frame, aluminium seat, stainless steel front and steel rear chassis. VELOONE CARGO has front wind shield and top roof. The top roof opens upwards and the front wind shield opens towards the frontal part of the vehicle. VELOONE CARGO PROTOTYPE has 150×74×96 cm (L×W×H) size cargo box made of aluminium. CARGO BOX opens from one side with double side doors. VELOONE CARGO is driven by human power via chain transmission and rear wheels and it has two hub motors installed in front wheels. Hub motors are of 250 W power.

Technical information of VELOONE CARGO PROTOTYPE:

VELOONE CARGO PROTOTYPE driving experience

The velomobile is very comfortable and safe to drive. Driver sits on the recumbent seat and holds the steering in ergonomic position which is not tiresome and does not produce any pain after a long drive. It is a safe vehicle as much as it is possible: because of the design of the suspension it is almost impossible to turn over even under high speeds. During the test we have reached 29-30 km/h speed, with a lot of effort and good weather conditions. But normally 25-26 km/h speed is easily approachable because of electric power assistance system. VELOONE CARGO PROTOTYPE has a lot of reflectors and lights so other drivers see the velomobile on the road. It is quite easy to get in and out of the velomobile, of course, it takes a little effort and time to find the best way to do this and get used to the new transport. The best access is via gap between the front wheel and bumper, simply moving forward the front wind shield and opening up the top roof. The box opens with side doors, because it is the fastest way to reach box’s inside for couriers, and it is the safest position to work on the side walk or regular street and road as well. The PROTOTYPE can legally drive on roads, side-walks and bike paths, so the driver can choose the best and fastest driving path.