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We introduce Cargo velomobile

In 2020 we finished to design and produce Cargo velomobile prototype and now using our know-how we start to gather orders for VeloOne cargo velomobile in 2021. If you feel, that this cargo velomobile could be help in your business (last mile delivery, small business applications and etc), please contact us, we would like to […]

Velomobile VeloOne Aras prototype in video

Hello, Here are video with our VeloOne Aras prototype for mass production. Now we are working on tools and machinery for possibilty to produce this velomobile in scale. We plan to start first sales on 2019. Of course, later we will give much more information about VeloOne Aras.

Prototype no1 on the test

Velomobile with full loaded cargo box

During the 2017 summer and autumn we made test rides with our velomobile prototype no1. We tested it with electric drive assitance and without it, only with pedal drive. It broke and we fixed, it broke again and we fixed again, we did it few times until it does not brake anymore. Now velomobile rides […]